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Fragrance Descriptions

Aloe Water & Cactus- A fresh and watery fragrance with cactus nectar and aloe infused with cucumber, violet leaf and a touch of floral

Alpine Snowdrift- A perfect blend of wet snow, a frozen air accord, menthol, woodland moss, spearmint leaves, winter anise, an ozonic accord, frosted vanilla, and galbanum

Applejack & Orange Peel- A zesty combination of sweet apple and fresh orange peel

Autumn Magic- Starts with top notes of lemon and apple; followed by middle notes of anise, cinnamon, and ginger; sitting on well-rounded base notes of woods, musk, and vanilla

Baja Cactus Blossom- A refreshing blend of fresh flowers and light coconut with a soothing musk and sandalwood base

Bayberry & Silver Oak- Tart berries and spicy nuances are awakened by base notes of creamy woods & amber

Beautiful Day- Apples and pears blended with wildflowers and blonde woods

Caribbean- A tropical paradise blend of coconut, fresh sliced pineapple, with a scoop of vanilla ice cream.

Cherry Almond- A classic and loved mixture of cherries and almond. 

Coffee Bean- This might be the world's best fresh brewed coffee fragrance. No chocolate or vanilla base notes, just a wonderful effervescent coffee.

Cranberry Apple Marmalade- Top notes of orange peel and apple sweeten the cranberry heart of this fragrance, while notes of cinnamon, clove, and sugar wrap all the fruits together into a delectable aromatic treat.

Dancing Waters- Fresh water top as beautiful floral notes of cyclamen and freesia come into full bloom

Dirt- Fresh muddy dirt blended with moist mossy notes

Dragon’s Blood- An alluring mixture of fresh orange and grape, sensual clove and rose with a woody patchouli base

Earth's Elements- Fresh and earthy notes of citrus, rose, lily of the valley, and a touch of spice, amber, woods, and patchouli

English Garden- Subtle notes of green florals with a heart of lilac, rose, and jasmine

Fifty shades- Rose and wild geranium with notes of bergamot and gold amber

Frosted Cranberry-Deeply delcious cranberries are flavorfully kissed with winter frost and rich, velvet plum

Fudge Brownie-Delightful dark chocolate fudge notes intertwined with milk chocolate and walnuts

Green Apple- Green, peely notes subtly soften the pervading sweetness of crisp ripe green apples. 

Holiday Crunch- Orange, lily of the valley, cinnamon, clove, amber and vanilla.

Holiday- A blend of rich and sparkling fruit notes combine with fir, cedar, juniper and pine to create a sophisticated holiday scent. Inspired by the Ralph Lauren fragrance.

Honeysuckle- Hints of citrus add a dewy quality to the lush floral heart of honeysuckle, as blooming jasmine and fresh lily of the valley enhance the floral characteristics. Soft green tones envelop the floralcy for a natural effect. Precious woods underscore the creation, adding texture and balance to the blend.

Island Nectar- Leave your worries behind with this tropical blend of passionfruit, blooming jasmine, sugared citrus and exotic florals.

Lavender Sage- A complex and unique, herbal combination of French lavender, lime, sage, and fern leaves; followed by middle notes of dill, pepper, moss, and ginger; and well-rounded with base notes of pine, musk, and patchouli

Lemon Poppyseed-Top notes of candied lime savors, lemon syrup, and bergamot extract; followed by middle notes of poppyseed muffin, brown sugar, and clove bud; sitting on base notes of marshmallow fluff, vanilla cake batter, and white musk

Love Spell- A lush blend of orange, peach, cherry blossom and white jasmine

Merry Mistletoe- A blend of frosted cranberries, citrus and evergreens

Mistletoe & Ivy- Blends together cedar leaf, Siberian fir, English holly, holiday mistletoe, cooling camphor, trailing ivy, sandalwood, vetiver, and frosted musk.

Monkey Farts- A tropical, fruity blend beginning with top notes of fresh bananas and juicy grapefruit, middle notes of kiwi, juicy bubblegum, and strawberries; and a hint of vanilla as a base note.

Nantucket Briar- Fresh orchid blended with bergamot, patchouli and musk

Pumpkin Crunch- Fresh pumpkin blended with orange peel, sweet carrot, ground cinnamon, clove bud, nutmeg and vanilla cream

Pumpkin Chai- Baked pumpkin with notes of cinnamon, nutmeg, orange peel, clove black tea, vanilla and graham cracker.

Pumpkin Pie- A blend of pumpkin, clove, ginger, nutmeg, and cinnamon fresh from the oven

Rainforest- This enchanting fragrance has the aroma of sweet citrus, blooming jasmine, and blond woods.

Sea Salt and Orchid- An elegant blend of soft floral notes with salty highlights. You’ll notice crisp ozonic notes of sea salt right out of the bottle, while calming notes of jasmine, lily of the valley, and tonka bean take hold.

Snickerdoodle- Fresh baked aroma of French vanilla with a touch of cinnamon sticks, gingerbread, and maple syrup

Sweet Pea- Sweet pea petals, watery pear, freesia, fresh berry, and soft musk

Tobacco Caramel- A hint of orange adds lift to the tobacco leaf accord that characterizes this fragrance. Warm tones of oak and patchouli create dimension for the blend as a base of sweet sugary caramel balances the earthy tones.

Twigs & Berries- Rich currant blended with soft woods, cinnamon and a hint of peach and orange

Winter Wonderland- A fruity blend enhanced by a spritz of orange, underlined by cinnamon and clove on a dry down of French vanilla and musk.

Witching Hour- A fun fragrance composed of spicy, magical notes beginning with freshly ground cinnamon bark, and complemented with herbal notes of bergamot, cannabis flower, jasmine, and rose; and sits on earthy base notes of sheer musk, black tea, and patchouli.


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