Feb 29

Aloe Water & Cactus- A fresh and watery fragrance with cactus nectar and aloe infused with cucumber, violet leaf and a touch of floral

Alpine Snowdrift- A perfect blend of wet snow, a frozen air accord, menthol, woodland moss, spearmint leaves, winter anise, an ozonic accord, frosted vanilla, and galbanum

Apple Maple Bourbon- For an intriguing take on the traditional apple spice fragrance, try this mouthwatering scent that starts with top notes of…

Feb 2


Earn a $1 credit for each glass jar and lid you return.

When you finish burning your candle, simply return as-is.

No need to clean it.

We’ll do all the work to get it ready to become a new candle.

Mar 4, 2020

Which is better? Are traditional candles really toxic and bad for you?

There has been an on-going debate in the candle making world since the beginning of time. Well, since the creation of soy wax anyway. And I hate to break it to you, but we are NOT going to solve that debate here. There are countless articles online regarding the toxicity of paraffin wax candles. Many say they are toxic to breathe and are the…

Feb 28, 2020

Here are some candle safety rules from Nature's Garden. Most of these are pretty common sense stuff such as "Don't touch hot wax", but they're always good reminders. Burn safely, my friends!

Candle Safety Rules

Feb 28, 2020

Candle Questions and Answers

Here at Black Sheep Potions, we encourage you to use this information below to maximize candle burn times so you can have the best possible candle experience.

How can I get the most burn time out of BSP candles?

There are 2 non-negotiable factors to get the best burn…