About Us

Many customers ask how Black Sheep Potions got started. Originally, I worked in a toxicology lab and later, in a skeletal biology lab studying bone diseases. But the story really begins a few years ago when I decided I needed a hobby. Obviously, I wanted to do something interesting, but more importantly, it had to be fun!

And so it began…after hours and hours (and hours) of researching how to make soap, I gathered my ingredients and supplies. I still remember how terrified I was to make my first batch of soap. I was convinced I would blow up the kitchen! After all was said and done, not only did I have my first successful batch of Oatmeal, Milk and Honey Soap, but the damage to my kitchen was minimal. Just kidding! My kitchen was perfectly fine, with the exception of it being a little messier than normal.

And so, with this one great accomplishment, I continued to develop more soap recipes and then branched out into other healthy skincare products and even soy candles.